Simply Authentic Living provides health, wellness and life coaching. I offer 1:1 coaching, couples coaching and parenting classes.

I’ll help you get unstuck and out of your own way.

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Current Offerings


Private coaching-Phase 1: Get out of your own way

We will be exploring your current habits, thought processes and behaviors in your current life. With that information, we will also create connections between what is hurting you or helping you. This is the quickest and most focused work. I will help you outline goals you want to accomplish in a specific and measurable manner.


Private Coaching-Phase 2: Stay out of your own way

This phase follows Phase 1. This phase will run for a minimum of 8 weeks and can go longer if needed.Once you’ve done a lot of the intense work, this phase is ongoing and is designed to offer continued support, education, guidance and accountability as you shift your life.


Private Coaching-Phase 3: Trusting yourself

This follows Phase 1 & 2 ongoing as long as needed.Learn to take what you’ve learned and trust yourself to continue to implement it as your life continues to shift.


Authentic Living Education & Group Coaching

Listen to educational content on authentic living offered twice a month. Topics will vary each session. Participate in group coaching calls offered once a month. Be coached, listen in, or both.


Parenting Class

Live classes and Virtual

Starts Sept. 11th.
This is a live, in person class. It will be held every Monday from 4:30-6pm for 6 total classes.
Location is 708 Superior Street in Sandpoint, ID 83864

Single Parent:
Family (2 parents):
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